Further molecular assessment of the distribution of Spanish sand racers (Lacertidae; <em>Psammodromus</em>)

  • David James Harris CIBIO/UP
  • Joaquim Filipe Faria
  • Miguel A Carretero
Keywords: Psammodromus hispanicus, Psammodromus occidentalis, Psammodromus edwarsianus, Cytochrome b


Three related and morphologically similar small Psammodromus species (P. hispanicus complex) occur in the Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean France, Psammodromus hispanicus, Psammo-dromus occidentalis, and Psammodromus edwarsianus. Despite recent works, overall ranges of the species remain partially uncertain, in particular for Westernmost part of Iberia and South-western France. Here we include data from 15 additional specimens that were sequenced for part of the mitochon-drial gene Cytochrome b to allow comparison with published data. We provide genetic confirma-tion that P. edwarsianus is the species of the complex occurring in France, and that P. occidentalis occurs on coastal and inland Portugal. Within P. occidentalis notable diversity occurs for this marker, which warrants further investigation. Some areas, particularly southern Portugal, still need assessment to clarify the distribution of these mostly cryptic species across the region. 

Short Notes