Blood differential count and effect of haemoparasites in wild populations of Pyrenean lizard <em>Iberolacerta aurelioi</em> (Arribas, 1994)

  • Albert Martinez-Silvestre CRARC (Catalonia Reptile and Amphibian Rehabilitation Centre), Santa Clara s/n, 08783 Masquefa, Barcelona, Spain;
  • Oscar Arribas


Differential cell count in four wild populations of Iberolacerta aurelioi (the smallest and most endangered lizard species found in the Pyrenees) has been studied. Iberolacerta aurelioi has cytological values similar to those described for other lacertid species. Moreover, the survey has detected the presence of haemoparasites genus Haemogregarina in this species. Haemoparasites are very abundant in the population of Mont-Roig, being almost insignificant in Pica d’Estats. The presence of haemoparasites is significantly related to erythroblast occurrence. Results suggest that haemoparasitism in this species stimulates high rates of blood cell regeneration.

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