Morphometric comparison of the erythrocytes between <em>Triturus marmoratus</em> and other amphibian species

  • Luis Docampo HURIEM. C/Lasagabaster, 21 derecha, 48530-Ortuella (Bizkaia), Spain;


In this work we obtained the main morphometric values of marbled newt (Triturus marmoratus) erythrocytes: major axis length (dy), minor axis length (dx), nucleus length (dn), nucleus width (an), nucleus surface (Sn) and erythrocyte surface (Se), as well as hematocrit values. These morphometric values from T. marmoratus are compared with those of several species of anurans and urodeles. With this purpose, we conduct an inter-specific comparison of the relationship between the number of erythrocytes (N) and the major axis length or the erythrocyte surface, determining that T. marmoratus has large erythrocytes, which place it within the group of species very linked to the aquatic environment like Ambystoma maculatum, Proteus anguinus, Necturus maculosus, or Cryptobranchus alleganiensis, among others.

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