Parasite specificity in <em>Podarcis bocagei</em> and <em>P. carbonelli</em> (Lacertidae) from NW Portugal: a host-parasite history


  • Vicente Roca Departament de Zoologia, Facultat de Ciències Biològiques, Universitat de València, Dr. Moliner 50, 46100 Burjassot, Spain;


Host parasite specificity is related to several factors including the type of life cycle of the parasite, the habitat occupied by both parasites and hosts, and the food habits of the hosts. In this work, gastrointestinal helminths in two congeneric lacertid lizards, Podarcis bocagei and Podarcis carbonelli living in sintopy, have been analysed. Out of four helminth species found, three of them, the trematode Brachylaima sp., the cestode Oochoristica gallica and the nematode Skrjabinelazia hoffmanni, have indirect life cycles while the nematode Spauligodon carbonelli has a direct life cycle. Heteroxenous helminths showed low host specificity whereas S. carbonelli may be placed at an intermediate position in a continuum of the degree of specificity.






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