Reproductive cycles in <em>Bufo mauritanicus</em> (Schlegel, 1841) in a wet area of Beni-Belaïd (Jijel, Algeria)

  • Omar Kisserli
  • Salaheddine Doumandji
  • Jean-Marie Exbrayat Université de Lyon. UMRS 449. Biologie Générale, Université Catholique de Lyon, Reproduction etDéveloppement Comparé, EPHE 25 rue du Plat, F-69288 Lyon Cedex 02, France. 66;


Bufo mauritanicus is an anuran amphibian living in North Africa. Reproductive cycles of this species are not well known, especially in populations living in Algeria. This study is devoted to the knowledge of the reproductive cycle in a population living in the wet area of Beni Belaïd, under a Mediterranean climate characterized by two rainy seasons, January until May and September until December. The examination of the gonads of both sexes allowed us to describe continuous cycles in males and females.

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