Age structure of Levant water frog, <em>Pelophylax bedriagae</em>, in Lake Sülüklü (Western Anatolia, Turkey)

  • Kerim Çiçek Ege University, Faculty of Science, Biology Department, Zoology Section, 35100, Bornova-Izmir, Turkey;,
  • Meltem Kumaş
  • Dinçer Ayaz
  • Ahmet Mermer
  • Ş. Deniz Engin


During the present study, we obtained data via skeletochronology on the age structure of Levant water frog, Pelophylax bedriagae, in Lake sülüklü (Manisa, Turkey). The mean snout-vent length was 56.1 mm (SD = 7.7) for males and 64.5 mm (SD = 14.8) for females. While both sexes reached sexual maturity following their second hibernation, the modal age was two years for males and three years for females. The average age of the adult population was 2.50 years (SD = 0.65, range= 2-4) in males and 2.95 years (SD = 0.99, range = 2-5) in females. furthermore, the threatening factors of Lake sülüklü population were outlined.

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